WongDoody Plays Fox Interactive

Shop’s Campaign for Video Game Maker Matches Kids, Crocodiles
LOS ANGELES–The unlikely combination of crocodiles and kids is at the center of a new campaign from WongDoody for Fox Interactive’s video game sequel Croc 2.
The Los Angeles-based video game company is set to air two TV spots from the Seattle and Santa Monica, Calif., agency. One breaks this week, while the other is slated to appear later in the year, during the holiday season.
In one spot, children are standing over an inflatable swimming pool that’s been taken over by a live crocodile. A voiceover asks whether the Sony PlayStation-compatible video game is cooler than a real crocodile.
It clearly is, as fast-paced images from the game are intercut with shots of the kids appearing bored and restless as they stare at the lazy reptile who’s interrupting their fun. At one point, a boy tosses a ball at the animal, but it still doesn’t budge.
At the end of the spot, the kids walk away in disgust. Asked again which is cooler, the kids shout in unison, in a voiceover, “Croc 2!”
The holiday spot again features a live crocodile, this time wreaking havoc around a Christmas tree, while the animated Croc 2 hero jumps and hang glides through a game.
“This is a game targeted to 8- to 12-year-old boys and girls,” said managing partner Ben Wiener. “[Croc 2] has a different feel to it than other video games. There’s so much sensitivity to violence, we wanted to keep [the campaign] in a happy, upbeat zone.”
Partner Tracy Wong served as creative director on the campaign. Jeanne Ivy was the copywriter, and Pam Fujimoto was the art director. Jim Barton of Kaboom in San Francisco directed the spots.
WongDoody, which also handles advertising for Fox Sports Interactive, picked up the Fox Interactive account last year after Butler, Shine & Stern, Sausalito, Calif., resigned it to take on the 989 Studios business.
The ads will air on Fox Kids, the WB and Nickelodeon.