WKP Launches Maine Tourism Blitz

BOSTON “It must be Maine” is the theme of Warren Kremer Paino’s first major campaign to boost Maine tourism.

Breaking this week and budgeted at $3 million, the push targets travelers in nearby markets such as Boston, Providence, R.I., Hartford and New Haven, Conn., metropolitan New York and elsewhere.

A 30-second spot shows white-water rafting, fly-fishing and images of exotic looking birds, informing viewers that all this and more awaits them in Maine. A print ad showing a puffin exhorts visitors to “Explore Exotic Shores.” Poster executions present scenes of snowboarding, skiing and bobsledding. One headline invites climbers to “Scale the Rockies,” with text revealing that the rocky coast of Maine is the area in question. The latter effort is aimed at young people, 18-24, though overall the campaign targets active adults up to age 64.

The campaign strategy represents something of a change from the state’s previous ads from Portland, Maine-based Swardlick Marketing Group, which mainly doted on the more pastoral aspects of the region’s scenic beauty in an effort tagged “The Maine attraction.”

The account was moved from eight-year incumbent Swardlick to WKP in New York last October following a review.