Williams Whittle Bangs the Drums for USO

ATLANTA A public service announcement for the USO from Williams Whittle Associates has received a positive response from station managers in two markets, according to the agency.

Rob Whittle, president and CEO of the Alexandria, Va., shop, said he and a representative of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization have conducted a series of breakfast meetings in New York and Philadelphia to introduce the television spot. Tagged “Until everyone comes home,” the PSA was produced in 10-, 15-, 30-, 60- and 90-second versions, and will be available this week.

Whittle said he will also introduce the work to stations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington and Atlanta as part of a strategy for increasing awareness of the organization and as a fundraiser. There is only a 20 percent awareness rate of the USO among people under 30, he said.

As U.S. troops continue to deploy overseas, the USO needs funds to maintain entertainment programs, canteens and online services for soldiers and their families.

The PSA uses clips from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. The soundtrack features a rendition of the WW II standard, “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

“There were plenty of entertainers going over recently, including David Letterman, Robin Williams, Drew Carey and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,” said Whittle. “But we haven’t received permissions or good footage on them yet.” When those materials are available, WWA creatives, led by Rick Park, will create new spots, he said.