White Lily Returns To Living Color

Henderson Creates The Brand’s First TV Foray In Nearly 10 Years
ATLANTA–White Lily Foods comes back to television for the first time in nearly a decade with two spots that will air in 15 cities throughout the Southeast.
The two television commercials represent the first major marketing effort for the brand since it was acquired by Henderson Advertising of Greenville, S.C.
The spots play like a spoof of conventional advertising for products like flour and baking mixes, which feature gorgeous shots of biscuits and muffins in warm, fuzzy household settings tied together with an all-American family extolling their virtues. Henderson utilizes those attributes in its first two TV ads, but in a purposeful tongue-in-cheek manner.
The commercials star “Emma,” the leading cook and baker in Anytown, U.S.A. In both spots, one for biscuits and one for muffins, her friends ask her to reveal the secret of her baking success.To answer their queries, she reaches into her voluminous tote bag and pulls out an 8mm movie projector (circa 1960) and shows a film about the baking virtues of White Lily. The presentation is packed with cheesy special effects showing how things made with the client’s products are almost lighter than air.
“One of the things we did when we started working on this was get out the White Lily history reel,” said agency executive creative director Bob Warren. “There was one spot from the late ’50s or early ’60s that had this announcer’s voiceover and showed how much better things were with White Lily flour. We thought if we could tap into that, it could be kind of funny.”
The use of Emma and an evolving cast of characters gives the agency a jumping-off point for future television executions.
The spots will run in selected markets in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.
Henderson Advertising personnel earning credits for the new White Lily television campaign include Warren, art director Tony Messano, copywriter Pat Wages and producer Nick Ciarlante.