Where’S The Beef?

Never a stranger to controversy, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has unveiled a new ad that appears to be a little too racy for outdoor advertising companies in the South and Midwest.
The ad (shown here), produced in-house, features a bikini-clad woman holding a link of sausages. The copy reads: “I threw a party but the cattlemen couldn’t come.” The ad goes on to state that “eating meat can cause impotence. Call my hotline at 1-900-GET-ON-UP.”
PETA was no less subtle in its press statement: “PETA’s plans to erect billboards promoting vegetarianism have gone limp throughout cattle country,” it said.
PETA has targeted the five biggest beef-producing states for its campaign: Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Companies in those states have refused to lease space for the billboard, according to PETA.
The campaign is meant to emphasize research revealing that fat and cholesterol in meat and other animal products clog up the arteries going to all organs, not just the heart, a PETA representative added. -Justin Dini