where there’s smoke …

Did anyone notice that Sissy Spacek’s character in the film In the Bedroom smoked a ton of Marlboros?

Phyllis Caskey, president and CEO of the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, did. She remains concerned that filmmakers continue to include cigarettes in their films even though product placements are prohibited.

“Of course tobacco companies want exposure in any way, shape or form they can,” said Caskey. “We would like to make people more astute about the presence of cigarettes in films and TV.”

Toward that end, her museum on Hollywood Boulevard is presenting an exhibit titled, “Smoke, Lies & Videotape,” which traces the history of smoking products in the entertainment industry. Caskey said her chief concern is that young people will see the celebrities smoke and follow suit.

“Our exhibit is targeting people from 16 to 24 years old—just like the tobacco companies do,” she said.

The exhibit is slated to run until the end of the year.