When You Do Know Jack

Every once in a while, the master distiller at Jack Daniel’s operation in Lynchburg, Tenn., comes across a barrel of his booze that’s a step above the others.
The down-home yet savvy executives at Jack Daniel’s figured true sippin’ whiskey aficionados would be willing to shell out a few more dollars for such singular sour mash. Thus was born Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey, a “super-premium” brand touted in print ads from lead agency Simmons Durham in St. Louis as “A singular experience.”
The ads will appear in October issues of publications such as Cigar Aficionado, Fortune, Smithsonian and The Atlantic Monthly, looking to attract the Macanudo and martini crowd that has a few more dollars to spend on pleasure.
“We’re talking to bourbon drinkers, 25 to 54 … who are entering a time of life when they’re starting to savor particular moments,” said Tom Tiptojn, vice president and management supervisor at Simmons Durham.
Each bottle of Single Barrel Whiskey will bear the number of the barrel in which it was aged. Ad copy suggests, “It’s not what you get away from. It’s what you get away to.” –Trevor Jensen