When In D.C., Do As They Do

Ever watched a presidential TV appearance and wondered what all those Secret Service agents were listening to on those ubiquitous earpieces that are a permanent part of their anatomy?
According to Trahan, Burden & Charles of Baltimore, they are listening to a Washington Capitals game, if one buys into a new television commercial for the National Hockey League team.
The spot shows the agents on duty, looking typically stoned-faced until they hear the Caps’ announcer rave over a great play. They then break character briefly to jump in the air and high-five each other.
The agency said it took that direction to get away from highlight-laden spots franchises often use while trying to deliver the excitement of the pro sport.
“Where else can you promote a team by playing off the national political scene?” asked agency chief Allan Charles.
The TV effort comes after the Caps went to the Stanley Cup finals, falling to the Detroit Red Wings earlier
this year.
–Jim Osterman