What Women Think

Most women think it’s easier to be a man.

At least according to a study conducted by Arnold’s Women’s Insight Team, which discovered that most men (70 percent) and women (80 percent) agree that it is easier to be a man than a woman in today’s society.

By tapping into wom en’s feelings, “there’s an opportunity to do better as advertisers,” said Barbara Reilly, svp and director of the Women’s Insight Team, which consists of female executives at the Boston-based agency who have experience working on brands marketed to women.

Additional findings: 91 percent of women think advertisers don’t understand them, and more women than men (58 percent versus 42 percent) are annoyed by how advertisers portray their gender. Respon dents also said they think men have it easier because women face complex issues as a result of making strides toward equality.

The study was fielded by Greenfield Online, which surveyed 1,000 men and women.

Respondents were asked about the differences between men and women and how the two genders think they are portrayed in advertising.