Ed Cotton Director of account planning, McCann-Erickson, Seattle
Suit Ralph Lauren sweater (blue), Banana Republic T-shirt, Levi’s Docker pants
Accessories Timberland shoes, Casio G-Shock watch

“My philosophy is to wear clothes I’m comfortable in and comfortable with people seeing me in. I work with creatives and directly with consumers, and I don’t think they would feel as
comfortable if I were wearing a suit. There are times when I need to dress formally. But casual attire, particularly in Seattle, is a prerequisite. A growing part of corporate America today is the entrepreneurial America. The people running these up-and-coming companies are breaking conventions, including the dress code. When I was in [my native] London, people in business dressed a bit trendier. That’s not the case here in Seattle. There’s a casual, relaxed feel. My concern when I came to America was that I’d never have use for my six suits again. I’ve had a chance to wear a suit only a handful of times in the past six months.”