What Has the Economic Recovery Done for You Lately?

As the economy gradually recovers, are the country’s modest-sized ad agencies seeing brisker spending on the part of their clients? The League of Advertising Agencies, a trade group of small and mid-sized agencies (with membership mainly in the Northeast), recently polled its members on this and other matters. As you can see from the chart, the proportion of respondents who say client budgets are rising was dead even with the proportion who say budgets are declining. Nonetheless, 76% of those surveyed said they believe the economy is gaining strength, albeit slowly. And a ‘significant proportion’ of member agencies say they plan to increase staff levels and use of freelancers.
Article includes table with data on client spending direction.
ASKING SMALL AGENCIES: Are your clients’ budgets collectively up, down or flat for ’93?
Up 24%
Down 24%
Flat 52%
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