What Did You Do Last Summer?

The Art Directors Club of Houston invited members a few months back to share some summer vacation stories–from those who were at least able to manage one.
The tales submitted contained bits that were humorous, anecdotal, sentimental or run-of-the-mill. No matter which mood was presented, all entries received a “lovely and functional cap” as a reward.
Photographer Pam Francis wrote about the loss of her dog Annie: “She ran away from me a lot when I tried to shoot her, which made shooting people a piece of cake.”
Martin Miglioretti remembered his trip to Italy, and Beryl Striewski recalled eating blueberry pie at a beach house.
ADC member Scott Kohn won first place by relating a trip to Maine to escape Houston’s triple-digit temperatures. It was there that Kohn introduced daughter Madeleine to lobster–as a pet.
“Luckily, the claws are always banded and, thankfully, Madeleine is too young to understand that 10 minutes later I ate her toy,” Kohn wrote.
–Glen Fest