Welcome Back

Starting in October, Florence Henderson–Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch to you–will appear in a yearlong campaign for Carpet One. And she’s not the only ’70s icon reappearing on a TV screen near you.
Actors from Welcome Back, Kotter recently starred in a campaign for Ames Department Stores by Avon, Conn., shop Mintz & Hoke. The spots featured Sweathogs Epstein (Robert Hegyes), Washington (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) and Horshak (Ron Palillo).
Mintz & Hoke recreated the show’s set and outfits for the TV ads, which were broadcast on the East Coast and in Ohio for the Rocky Hill, Conn., retailer.
Stephens Advertising, Kettering, Ohio, chose The Bunch’s Henderson (shown here in a print ad) for her popularity with women, said agency president Phillip Stephens. “She is very widely recognized and loved,” he said.
In a 1971 Brady Bunch episode, the family is asked to star in an ad for detergent. Ultimately, the ad’s director, Skip Farnum, drops the Bradys due to their overacting.
–Lauren Wiley