This Week’s Must-Haves: a Headset That’s a Portable Personal Theater

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting Avegant's Glyph personal theater headset, a trio of DJ Khaled-inspired pins and a backpack made from self-healing nylon. Take a look!


Avegant Glyph, $699

First things first: The Avegant Glyph is not a VR headset. According to the company, the device—which resembles a pair of Beats headphones crossed with LeVar Burton's Star Trek visor—is technically "mediawear," although "personal theater" might be a more apt description. Whatever you want to call it, the crazy-looking Glyph lets you watch video content from any device with an HDMI-out port (including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and more), approximating the experience of looking at an 80-inch screen from eight feet away. Because the headset itself is actually screenless, instead projecting crystal-clear images directly onto its wearer's retinas by reflecting light off of 2 million microscopic mirrors, it's easier on your eyes. And, unlike VR headsets, Glyph lets you keep some peripheral vision, so you're not totally cut off from the outside world. It's a genius solution for getting in some intense 3-D gaming that won't disrupt your housemates or catching up on your favorite HBO series while on the go—as long as you don't mind attracting some stares.

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Mr. N LED Table Lamp, $125

Designed by Peter Ng for Koncept, this LED lamp packs a lot of style into a small package. Shaped like a lowercase "n" (hence its name), the energy-efficient lamp emits a warm light that can be turned on and off or dimmed by simply touching a panel at its base.

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Sacai Apple Watch Band, $388

Cult fashion label Sacai transforms the Apple Watch into a true fashion statement with this limited-edition band. One half features a crocodile-embossed black leather strap, while the other is made of chunky gold-plated stainless steel links.

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Pintrill “They Don’t Want You to Win” Pack, $33

Add a bit of DJ Khaled's Snapchat wisdom to your everyday gear with this trio of pins. There's the rapper's famous "key to success," an always motivational reminder that "they don't want you to win" and even an homage to his legendary jet ski journey.

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Tom Dixon Oil Reed Diffuser, $110

Ditch the boring candle for this chic-looking scent diffuser. Each one-of-a-kind vessel is hand-painted with an iridescent glaze, kiln-fired and filled with a blend of woody essential oils. Charcoal reeds disperse the aroma throughout a room.

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Herschel Supply Co. Lawson Sealtech Backpack, $150

It might look like a regular backpack, but this minimalist bag is actually made from a super high-tech, self-healing material called Sealtech. The fabric features a special water-resistant coating that allows it to reseal if punctured—just apply a little body heat to activate the process.

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