A Week Of Wariness

Investors were still wary of inflation, and a holiday-shortened week failed to provide relief. With first-quarter earnings and several economic indicators reporting this week, investors remain nervous about another possible interest rate hike when the Federal Reserve meets on May 10. Also a concern: rising crude oil prices, which approached $70 a barrel. With the markets closed for Good Friday, the Dow finished the week higher at 11,137.65, up 17.77, a gain of 0.2 percent. The Nasdaq fell 14.28 points to close at 2,326.11, down 0.6 percent. Ad stocks also finished mixed. Omnicom gained nearly 2 percent, advancing 0.15 points to close at 85.15. WPP Group dropped 0.79 points to close at 58.98, a 1.3 percent decline. Interpublic Group closed at 9.41, down 0.02 points, or 0.2 percent. And Publicis Groupe lost 0.14 points to close at 38.52, down nearly 0.4 percent.