This Week’s Must-Haves: Old-School Meets High-Tech in a Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting holiday essentials including a cap to keep Champagne fizzy, a gift box clutch and luxury Christmas crackers. Take a look!


Qwerkywriter, $349

Whether you're writing the next Great American Novel, replying to emails or composing a lengthy letter to Santa, the Qwerkywriter is sure to add some old-fashioned flair to any of your text-based activities. Modeled after a classic typewriter, the Bluetooth-connected keyboard is made from aluminum and features industrial-strength mechanical switches to provide a distinct tactile feel. Use the Qwerkywriter's built-in stand to hold your tablet or smartphone as you type away, or even sync it with your computer—it can replace any standard desktop keyboard.

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CapaBubbles, $15

Tired of losing day-old bottles of Champagne to the disastrous effects of decarbonation? CapaBubbles promises to keep sparkling wines fizzy for up to one week by transforming your favorite corked bottle into a screw-cap version, so you can indulge in a glass or two (or three) without worrying that the rest will go to waste.

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Floome Smartphone Breathalyzer, $99

Play it safe while party-hopping with Floome, a smartphone-connected breathalyzer that tracks your blood alcohol content via app. Just plug the device into your phone's audio port, blow into the mouthpiece and get your results in a matter of seconds. If you're over the legal limit, the Floome app can provide a suggested recovery time based on your physical stats or connect you to a friend for a ride home.

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Kate Spade Square Gift Box Clutch, $398

It doesn't get much more festive than Kate Spade's playful present-shaped clutch. Made from black lambskin, topped with a gilt bow and lined in bright pink silk, this bag will liven up even the stodgiest office holiday party. (And doubles as a handy conversation starter, too!)

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Neyya Unisex Smart Ring, $179

One of the latest entrants to the growing smartphone-connected ring category, Neyya adds a unique twist by integrating a touchpad on its surface. In addition to getting message and calendar notifications, you can use Neyya to play music, snap photos and videos on your phone or GoPro, browse through Roku channels or even control a PowerPoint presentation with a swipe or a tap.

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Harrods of London Luxury Christmas Crackers, $770

Forget the plastic trinkets—these chic Christmas crackers from Harrods pop open to reveal gifts you'll actually want, like cashmere socks, silver cuff links or a leather card case. For tradition's sake, each cracker comes with the requisite paper crown and joke, too.

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