Web Commercial Fares Better Than TV, Pop-up Ads

NEW YORK Less than 30 percent of consumers find Unicast’s new video commercial annoying, a smaller percentage than those perturbed by TV and pop-up advertising, according to new research from Dynamic Logic.

The six-week study was based on the responses of nearly 4,000 Web surfers, half of whom were exposed to the video units from Pepsi, Honda and Vonage on About.com, AccuWeather, ESPN, Lycos, MSN and UGO.

The full-screen, broadcast-quality ad, which debuted in January, loads while users are idle on a Web site and then plays without delay when they move between pages [Adweek, Jan. 19].

While the ad annoyed 28 percent in the “exposed” group, it fared better in this department than TV spots and pop-ups. Thirty-eight percent of consumers find TV commercials annoying and 78 percent express disdain for pop-up ads, according to Harris Research and Gartner, respectively.

Dynamic Logic also found that the video commercial raised brand awareness by 54 percent, message association by 144 percent, brand preference by 40 percent and purchase intent by 47 percent.

Of those who were exposed to the ad, 68 percent said they felt as if they were watching a TV ad and 53 percent said sound made it more enjoyable. Fifty-two percent liked the ad’s full-screen size, while 56 percent liked its visual appeal.