Web and Relaxation ajjar and Partners will be sending consumers to the Web for stress relief.

The Marina del Rey, Calif., agency’s New Media Lab was recently hired by Interactive Health, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of massage and stress-reduction products, to develop
its Web site.
The company’s flagship product is the Get-A-Way recliner, which contains shiatsu-style massage rollers and computerized controls. The chair, available at upscale retailers such as Sharper Image and Brookstone, has also been featured on such TV programs as “Frasier,” “NewsRadio,” “Ellen” and “The Larry Sanders Show.”
The Web site will debut in September and include massage, stress management and health information as well as product displays and demonstrations.
However, physical relaxation comes at a price: The chair itself retails for almost $3,000. At least you can visit the Web site for free.