VW Unveils 'Da Da Da'-Like Jetta Spot

Volkswagen of America and Arnold Communications this week break the first of the client’s 1999 advertising: a 60-second Jetta commercial reminiscent of the award-winning spot that featured a couple of aimless dudes, a malodorous chair and a song called “Da Da Da.”
What makes “Sunday Afternoon” and the new spot, titled “Synchronicity,” similar is that they both accurately depict the target audience of each model, said VW marketing director Liz Vanzura.
In the new spot, a professional-looking couple drives along a busy New Orleans street in the rain while listening to rhythmic music. Street activity–a man sweeping the sidewalk, a basketball player dribbling a ball–harmonizes with what’s taking place inside the car: windshield wipers clacking, a turn signal blinking. A van suddenly cuts through a puddle and across the Jetta’s path, dousing the sleek black sedan in water. The subdued driver remarks: “That was interesting.” A voiceover says, “Sometimes everything comes together.” The “Drivers wanted” tagline and VW logo close out the spot.
VW last week reported a sales increase of almost 60 percent last year, driven by sales of the new Beetle model.