Volkswagen Routan “Babymaker 3000”

It’s alive! For all those wannabe mammas who want to see what their union with their true love will produce but don’t want to invest the nine months and their wombs, the Volkswagen Routan Babymaker3000 has finally arrived! The photo-uploading feature on the Routan web site [], which allows visitors to upload pics of mom and dad to produce a virtual baby, is one we’ve seen before. But combined with the Brook Shields-fronted tongue-in-cheek campaign calling for an intervention the web tool feels all that more fresh. The site also gives visitors a look at Shield’s video report about the Routan baby boom, the baby-making phenomenon that is sweeping the nation “simply for the love of German engineering.”  It’s an entertaining, offbeat way to talk about the ultimate family car, the minivan, without all the cliched soccer-mom moments. And the Babymaker3000, a fun feature that allows you to send birth announcements to friends. Now where’s that Babysitter3000?—Eleftheria Parpis