Voicestream: Back to the Future

Publicis, Curtis Revisit History in New Ads
LOS ANGELES–Jamie Lee Curtis takes a walk through time in the latest TV work for Western Wireless’ Voicestream service via Publicis.
The Seattle agency’s two new spots hinge on the new “Free weekends for life” slogan.
The line “is a great reinforcement for the brand positioning,” said creative director Gail Anne Grosso.
Curtis plays eight different characters in the 30-second ads. In one, she appears as Eve in the Garden of Eden as a voice asks, “What if you could choose free time forever?” She then appears in a Robin Hood scene, as Queen Elizabeth I and as an Ingrid Bergman/Casablanca type. In each scene, she chats on a Voicestream cell phone.
The ads, airing in select Western markets, treat the cell phone as a link to real life and free time rather than business, Grosso said.
In the second spot, which breaks in the next couple of weeks, Curtis appears as a cavewoman, a musketeer, a saloon dancer and an astronaut.
“We wanted to say, ‘This company’s bringing you into the future,’ ” said Binky Walker, who served as executive producer.
Publicis has handled the estimated $20 million Western Wireless account for three years.