Vive La Difference

MacDonald Communications is throwing several new grenades in the battle of the sexes in the form of a print campaign that contrasts business magazines such as Fortune and Forbes with MacDonald’s women’s titles such as Working Woman, Working Mother and Ms. Toolbox Communications, New York, has developed a series of humorous black-and-white print ads that parodies the differences between the sexes. The left side of each ad has a black background with insets of Fortune, BusinessWeek and Forbes, publications that MacDonald contends do not speak to women. The right side has a white background with insets of the three MacDonald publications. Over the “male” side in one execution (shown here) is the word “orgasm,” while on the “female” side is “multiple.”
Others parings will include “seat up” vs. “seat down” and “sex” vs. “love.” The tagline: “A different read on business.”
Billings for the campaign–appearing in The New York Times over a period of nine days, with TV spots in the works for 1998–are estimated at $2 million. –Sloane Lucas