Verizon Communications Hires McGarry Bowen

NEW YORK — Verizon Communications has confirmed an earlier story [Adweek, Oct. 28] that it has hired New York startup McGarry Bowen to develop “corporate brand and image advertising.”

The assignment mirrors that of Lowe in New York, which has handled Verizon’s consolidated $100 million account since the spring of 2001.

Asked if Lowe would remain on the roster, a Verizon representative said on Tuesday, “That relationship will evolve. Discussions are continuing.” The rep declined further comment. Lowe could not immediately be reached.

McGarry Bowen had been talking to the client since it produced a 9/11 tribute spot last month. The spot, titled “Lady Liberty,” featured black-and-white images of young children gazing at the Statue of Liberty. It was backed by an anthem that proclaimed, in part, “I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch where we go and help us be wise in times when we don’t know.” It broke on Sept. 8 and ran for about a week.

The startup is comprised of former senior executives of Young & Rubicam, including John McGarry, Stan Stefanski, Stewart Owen and Gordon Bowen (Adweek, Sept. 16). Verizon is believed to be the shop’s first client.