Just Entomb Me in the Nutritional Pyramid

One man’s vegetable is another man’s poison. Or, at least, his dull dinner. One reason why people pay lip service to dietary virtue without actually practicing it is that they have a dim view of how healthy foods taste. An extensive poll by Cooking Light magazine found a nation divided on the contentious matter of vegetables. As you can see from the chart, that category won most mentions as both the dullest and the tastiest of salubrious foods. Respondents do concede the fault lies not in our vegetables but in ourselves: 93 percent agree that ‘healthy food can be prepared deliciously.’ A brazen 5 percent confess to being less concerned about what they eat than they were 10 years ago, while 63 percent are more concerned. But have respondents gone so far as to give up a favorite food for the sake of eating more healthfully? Forty-two percent claim they have.

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