USWeb/CKS Quick on the Draw for Fujitsu PC

Colorful Illustrations Dominate Print Ads for Client’s Notebooks
SAN FRANCISCO–USWeb/CKS last week unveiled the first ad in a new national print campaign for Fujitsu PC Corp. promoting several series of the client’s LifeBook brand of notebook computers. The initial effort is supported by an estimated $10-15 million in media spending.
The ad, for the LifeBook E Series, features drawings by Canadian illustrator Jennifer Herbert and uses the theme “No matter what your day brings, you brought the right notebook.”
The illustrations are colorful caricatures of people using a LifeBook E. One character is sitting on a red bus, singing and typing. Text above the vehicle reads, “Great ideas can happen anywhere.” Another character is using his notebook while flying in a green airplane, and the message reads, “Battery power for every time zone.”
The ad is appearing in publications including BusinessWeek and PC Magazine. It includes a toll-free number and Web address where consumers can get more information about the company’s notebooks.
“We are targeting small and medium-sized businesses run by risk takers and rule breakers
who are focused 24 hours each day on their business,” said Steve Andler, vice president of marketing for Fujitsu PC, Milpitas, Calif. “These are the people who are using technology to build their business.”
The computer maker wanted a less product-oriented and hard-tech approach to selling its products in order to “break through the noise of all the similar PC advertising out there,” Andler said.
Several more executions will soon follow, according to Cassie Leiden, account director at the Cupertino, Calif., shop. It has not been determined whether upcoming online ads will echo the print campaign, or if the current theme will become the campaign’s tagline, she said.