Upscale Jovan For Men set to roll out this fall

In an aggressive attempt to bridge its gap between mass and prestige fragrance lines at food, drug and mass merchandise stores, the Joh. A. Benckiser Gmbh unit Quintessence Inc. will launch a national television and print campaign this fall to introduce a higher-priced, upscale line extension of Jovan Musk For Men.
The move comes at a time when many prestige fragrances such as Drakkar Noir, Aramis and White Linen are being sold at the mass level. The company will also kick off a new “What Sexy Is,” TV and print ad campaign this fall to rejuvenate the original Jovan Musk fragrance lines for men and women. It will also invest $2 million to advertise its Caliente fragrance in print ads for the first time and quadruple ad spending for Aspen cologne for men and women. In 1992, Quintessence spent $3.9 million in measured media for Caliente, $2.5 million on Aspen cologne for men, and $1.2 million on Aspen for women, according to LNA/Arbitron. The new Jovan Musk For Men line, code-named Jovan Musk Plus, will include a cologne, cologne spray and aftershave balm. The products will be priced 20% higher than the original Musk lines, with upgraded packaging and higher-quality ingredients.
Sources say making an attempt to be recognized as a prestige fragrance manufacturer instead of a mass marketer will be a tough nut to crack. “It’s always easier to have the image of a prestige fragrance and then cross over into mass. It’s much harder to have a mass image and change to an upscale image. It will depend on the advertising. And then there is the question of price. Users may resist the higher prices. And Jovan doesn’t want to do that,” said Rayda Vega, president of Aroma Dynamics, New York, a fragrance industry consultancy.
The new “What Sexy Is” ad campaign touting the original Jovan Musk lines will replace the current campaign, but will likely feature themes with similar sexual overtones. Victor Zast, president of Quintessence, declined to comment on how much the company will spend on advertising for the new Musk For Men fragrance line or for the revised campaign.
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