UPS Returns to Nascar Laugh Track

ATLANTA The Martin Agency continues to combine comedy and speed in its latest “Race the Truck” television spots for UPS.

The commercials feature Nascar announcer Jackie Stewart trying to convince Dale Jarrett, driver of the UPS car, to race the brown delivery truck instead. The first spot, “Movie Deal,” broke last weekend during the Tropicana 400 at Chicagoland Speedway.

The ad shows Stewart attempting to impress Jarrett by showing him a movie clip by a “top producer” in which a young actor, starring as the driver, races the truck. The clip and its script, including lines like “Eat my tailpipe, losers,” fail to persuade the veteran racer.

The second spot, “Gas & Tires,” features Jarrett being pampered at a pit stop, complete with a UPS support crew that shampoos and lubes his hair instead of the car. Stewart argues that UPS trucks are so well equipped that the pit crew can focus on Jarrett instead of his car.

The second spot airs this Sunday during the New England 300 at New Hampshire International Speedway. Sources at Richmond, Va.-based Martin said that both commercials are a continuation of the campaign that began in 2001.

The ads will air during Nascar race telecasts on TNT and NBC through the remainder of the racing season. Campaign spending was not disclosed.