TV Food Ads Are Tops With Kids

Which ads are most likely to grab the attention of today’s media-savvy pre-teens? That’s the question the American Marketing Association set out to answer in its second “What’s Your Favorite Ad and Why?” contest.
The Dallas/Fort Worth AMA invited 13,000 Dallas-area fifth graders to draw or write about their favorite ads from any medium.
Among the results: 99.3 percent of the entries involved TV ads; 60.2 percent chose ads featuring food, drink or candy; and the brands cited most often were Taco Bell, Pepsi, Coke, Burger King and M&Ms.
The AMA established the contest to facilitate a dialogue between students and their teachers and parents about the persuasiveness of advertising. Contest founder and coordinator Christy Morrow said, “Advertising is a good vehicle to discuss the difference between fact and opinion, as well as fact and fiction.”
The 25 finalists will ponder those issues as they tote home freebies they received from corporate sponsors like the Dallas Stars, Blockbuster and the Dallas Zoo. –Steve Krajewski