Turtle Wax Clears the Air

Turtle Wax plans to launch its Odor-X deodorizer and odor eliminator with a $1-3 million campaign from Lois/EJL here.
The campaign, scheduled to break at the end of March, depicts a car owner’s worst olfactory nightmare. A TV spot shows a man getting into a foul-smelling car. When he looks into the rear-view mirror for the source of the smell, he sees a bulldog in the backseat eating a sandwich and smoking a cigar.
An accompanying voiceover explains that Odor-X doesn’t simply mask smells, but rather encapsulates and removes them. The tagline was unknown.
The ads will be targeted toward a male audience, and will air on national cable channels ESPN, TNN and TNT. –Christine Bittar and
Aaron Baa