Turner Sales to restructure, too?

While the big-picture rumors raged last week around when, whether and how Turner Broadcasting System would get be divided up between its major board players, a smaller, yet no less important, rumor surfaced in the cable-buying community that a decision was imminent on a possible restructuring of Turner Broadcasting Sales. Indeed. last Thursday Turner Broadcasting Sales president John Barbera and his lieutenants were in Atlanta at the same time. which many outside Turner perceived as portentous. However, Barbera, through a spokesman, denied any powwow was taking place. A sales executive at Turner added. “It’s pretty safe to say that no decision will be made here this week.” Asked why all the executives had decided to visit Atlanta at the same time, though, the executive replied coyly, “It’s opening night for the Braves.” He added, though, that “everyone agrees we need to make some changes here. No one is opposed to the idea of change.”
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