Trumpet to Tout Web Music Site Around Globe

Fastband GlobalCast Assigns $5 Mil. Account to Big Easy Shop
NEW ORLEANS–Trumpet Advertising acquired another Internet account last week, increasing its billings from less than $10 million to nearly $15 million.
The New Orleans agency has inked an 18-month contract with Fastband GlobalCast, an Internet site that will soon broadcast live music, sports programming and entertainment newscasts from studios around the world. The account, budgeted to reach $5 million in the first year, will entail print, outdoor and broadcast in selected markets.
Trumpet, which will handle all advertising, public relations and marketing for Fastband, will initially place local ads in Austin, Texas; San Jose, Calif.; San Francisco; New York; Berlin; and London, as well as work on national cable and in print.
The Web venue is owned by Fastband Internet Services, which is based in the New Orleans area. The venture’s Web site, which launched in June, originates music from its Bourbon Street studio here.
By year’s end, other studios are scheduled to open in Edinburgh, Scotland; Sydney, Australia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Bangkok, Thailand. If a listener likes a selection, it or any song in the site’s archives can be purchased and downloaded onto a CD. Fastband’s other revenues come from advertising and sponsorships.
Fastband founder Andrew Spanswick first contacted Trumpet after seeing the 3-year-old shop’s work for Nola Live, a Big Easy-oriented site owned by New York-based Advance Publications. Trumpet last month began airing the first of 17 30-second spots for Advance’s first television campaign in a local market. While Spanswick did talk with a handful of undisclosed agencies, no formal review was held.
Trumpet representative Jim Gradl said the first ads are slated to begin airing by the end of September.
“This account is going to entail a lot of work overseas,” Gradl said. “And we’ll be expanding into more markets as we open new studios.”