Tropicana teas set to head to college

Spearheaded by its new fruit-teas, Tropicana Products will take to the nation’s college campuses this fall to win mind-share for its ready-to-drink lines.
The teas were rolled out this spring with limited marketing support funding. The sampling and advertising programs will be the major channel to developing involvement among the 18- to 24-year-old consumers thought to be driving category growth. The campaign will take place on some 40 college campuses, from Harvard to U.C.L.A.
“Everywhere the students turn they’ll see us, for three months,” said Larry Taman, Tropicana’s product manager for new products. Taman hopes the kids will turn the rest of the family on to the teas when they’re home on vacation. Taman wouldn’t discuss the creative, but said it would capitalize on the teas’ 10% fruit-juice content, which should hold strong appeal to students. A source said the tagline would be, “The tea that turns up the juice.” Leo Burnett handles.
Seattle-based American Passage Media Corp. will recruit college students to hand out 2,000 samples during two-day events keyed to registration or the start of classes. The promo firm also has executed print ads for placement. Also, MarketSource Corp. of Cranbury, N.J., will run backlit four-color ads on its Campus Source electronic bulletin boards on the 40 campuses.
Both promo agencies also will be involved in programs for the full Tropicana single-serve lines, including juices, Twisters, the teas and a recently restaged punch. American Passage will feature the full line in four-color ads on the back of official class directories on 80 campuses. Tropicana also has signed on as the juice/tea sponsor of MarketSource’s Campus Fest tour starting Aug. 29.
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