Trone Recruits Olsen

TroneAtlanta has hired Monica Seares Olsen as its first media director.

Olsen will report to agency president Jackson Houk.

“She’s got tremendous experience on the agency and client sides,” said Houk, adding that Olsen would work closely with the Atlanta shop’s brand management team and the media department at parent Trone Advertising in Greensboro, N.C.

Olsen’s client experience includes a four-year stint with The Gap, where she managed media planning and buying for the retailer’s Old Navy stores.

“Managing a brand and a corporation is much more complicated than you’d think,” said Houk. “Most companies have their own challenges and politics. An agency sympathetic to this can help its clients become more efficient.”

Olsen has worked in media planning at the Los Angeles office of McCann-Erickson and J. Walter Thompson in San Francisco.

Most recently, she was director of marketing at Tellme Networks in Mountain View, Calif., and New York.

“Most effective media directors understand that all rating points are not equal and that all women 25-49 are not equal,” said Houk.

At Trone, Olsen will manage Children’s HealthCare Atlanta, a relatively unknown brand name for two of the city’s oldest pediatric hospitals, Scottish Rite Children’s Medical Center and Eggleston Children’s Health Care Systems.

“We’re not talking about just buying points,” said Olsen. “We take a holistic look at how to make the brand better by reaching people with the right message, when they’re engaged.”