Trilogy Looking at 10

Trilogy Software is talking with select agencies nationwide about handling its estimated $15 million advertising and media account, and plans to wrap up its review by the end of the month.
“We are looking for shops known for great creativity and media placement [capabilities],” said Tracy Ott-Wallingford, director of marketing for the Austin, Texas-based company.
Ott-Wallingford added the company is also talking with shops that have handled technology and business-to-business accounts.
The client began its search earlier this summer with a list of about 20 shops, and has since trimmed that number to about 10, said Ott-Wallingford. The review is limited to that list, she said.
Company executives took a “whirlwind tour” to receive credentials from shops nationwide, she said. Since then, executives from several agencies have visited the client’s headquarters to offer ideas for the account.
Trilogy Software, which develops and sells enterprise software products such as Buying Chain, Selling Chain and Opportunity Manager, is planning to launch a branding campaign during the fourth quarter.
“We realize the e-commerce space is pretty noisy and cluttered,” said Ott-Wallingford. “This is our first foray into branding, and we know it’s important to get our name out there. There’s going to be a lot of dot-com and technology advertising in the fourth quarter, and we need an agency that can help us differentiate ourselves from everyone else.”
Trilogy is looking to reach primarily “high-level executives in the enterprise software space” with its campaign, she said. The client is open to all types of advertising, although broadcast executions may not be “the right fit” at this time, she added.
Trilogy Software, formerly called Trilogy Development Group, competes with companies such as Siebel Systems, Oracle and Ariba.