Tribal DDB Keeps Dew Devotee in Dark

DALLAS Tribal DDB Dallas has created a Web site featuring a gangly redhead named Cliff to promote Pitch Black II, a grape-flavored Mountain Dew drink, the agency said.

The site,, chronicles Cliff’s attempt to live in total darkness for 90 days to show his devotion to the product. After a brief introductory video in which Cliff explains what the Pitch Black Experiment is all about, visitors to the site can choose to view any of six Web cams—one for each room in the house. Viewers can hear Cliff as he stumbles from room to room and asks them to help him complete a wide array of tasks.

“Consumers loved Mountain Dew Pitch Black and they wanted us to bring it back, but with something new,” said Katie Lacey, vice president of marketing for carbonated soft drinks, Pepsi-Cola North America. “Sour flavors are big right now with teens and young adults, so we added a sour bite to Mountain Dew Pitch Black II.”

Scott Johnson, executive creative director at Tribal DDB Dallas, said his team recorded more than 800 audio clips, which are precisely mapped on the Web cams according to place and time of day. That allows visitors to the site to get a unique experience no matter how many times they check in on the Pitch Black Experiment, he said.

“The site looks very simple, but there’s some really intense sound design involved,” Johnson said. “That’s all transparent to the user, though. They won’t think about that at all when they’re laughing at Cliff trying shave in the dark.”

Personnel who helped develop the site include senior art director Joel Kuntz, copywriter Matt Smith, multimedia developer Andrew Langley, creative director Dave Gibson and associate creative director Michael Carpenter.

Tribal DDB has 32 offices in 20 countries. Tribal DDB Dallas is the largest office in the network and handles accounts including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Doritos, Cheetos, Nexium and the United States Air Force.