Tribal DDB Keeps Fresh

DALLAS Tribal DDB has launched that features stylized video, updated photos, gossip, podcasts of celebrity interviews and live Webcasts, all of which support the brand’s independent film and fashion platforms, the agency said.

Michael Hammer, senior marketing manager of Aquafina, said the new Web site is all about timeliness and relevance to the brand’s target audience.

“In the digital age, just because your content is on the right subject doesn’t mean it’s interesting to consumers,” Hammer said. “It needs to be fresh and new. That’s why we wanted a site that could be updated daily to mesh with our sponsorships of the most important independent film and fashion events in North America. The site’s daily podcasts and live Webcasts have been a big hit.”

Scott Johnson, executive creative director of Tribal DDB Dallas, said that Web sites need to deliver substantially more today than they did even a year ago, largely because of the increasing penetration of broadband.

“Consumers are demanding richer online experiences every day,” Johnson said. “What works so well about is that we’re constantly coming at them from all directions with surprising, new content all the time. People who visit this site are going to feel good about the time they invest in seeing what Aquafina has to say.”

Production credits go to creative director Scott Biggers, art directors Derek Johnson and Jordan Kretchmer, and copywriter Greg Costello.

The value of the account was not disclosed.

Tribal DDB Worldwide has 35 offices in 21 countries. Clients at Tribal DDB’s Dallas office include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, AT&T, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips, Nexium and the United States Air Force.