Treasure Island

Breaking into Hal Riney’s vacation home in Honduras doesn’t seem like the smartest way to angle for a promotion. But it helped Brian Grosenbaugh and Marc d’Avignon showcase their detective and creative skills.

Armed with an 18-by-24-inch photo of Riney and a video camera, the sleuths (sponsored by a few Publicis & Hal Riney dollars) headed out to find Riney’s private island and vacation home. “We wanted to pierce the veil of privacy,” says Grosenbaugh. Adds d’Avignon: “The rumor that Hal had this island had been going around, but nobody was really sure whether or not to believe it.”

Five planes and a boat ride later, they found an American expat at a bar who recognized Hal. “I know that guy!” he cried. With the help of the property’s caretaker, they were soon in the house, checking out Hal’s fishing rods, trying on his shirts and playing his guitar.

The six-minute video was unveiled at a holiday party in front of an unsuspecting Riney. “He was laughing, thank God,” says d’Avignon.

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