Touch the monkey

Those clever fellows at Core are desperate for monkeys.
Though the St. Louis agency’s post-Addys parties have become a hit over the past four years, executives decided the festivities needed a boost this year. Account man Jeff Graham had just the answer.
“Anyone skilled in entertaining large groups knows it takes two things to make a great party: depraved group drunkenness and a whole bunch of live monkeys,” Graham wrote in a plea to the press.
Getting drunk has never been a problem at Core, which boasts a beautiful turn-of-the-century bar in its loft office space. Getting monkeys is another matter. Local primates, Graham wrote, get so tired “running around their cages at high speeds, throwing feces at one another” that none would be able to stay awake for the Core bash.
Graham is pleading for anyone with access to “well-trained, costumed monkeys” to give him a call before the Feb. 24 party.
–Trevor Jense