Toffler Talks

That’s the word from well-known “futurist” Alvin Toffler, who spoke at Cincinnati agency Hensley Segal Rentschler’s sixth Future Focus seminar, held earlier this month.
“The slogan for the industrial age was “One size fits all,'” Toffler told those gathered. “”One size misfits all’ is the slogan of the third wave.”
Toffler has gained notoriety with forward-looking books such as Future Shock, The Third Wave and Powershift.
Future Focus annually brings together presidents, chief executive officers and marketing executives for discussions on trends expected to impact the business-to-business marketplace. Past speakers have included technology guru Esther Dyson and publisher/presidential candidate Steve Forbes, for whose current campaign agency principal Rick Segal is an adviser.
Toffler’s crystal ball indicated the “demassification” of production will affect business marketing as well as politics and families.
“Agility will substitute for strategy only if you want to be part of someone else’s strategy,” Toffler said.
-Trevor Jensen