Tinsley Makes Mayor’s Laugh

After Miami shops Tinsley Advertising and Beber Silverstein & Partners both pitched humorous campaigns to Mayor’s Jewelers during a creative duel, Tinsley took home the account.
Billings have been estimated at $2-3 million; however, sources said the budget could climb to $4 million-plus due to Mayor’s intention to expand its bridal line and open a 6,000-square-foot store in Boca Raton, Fla.
Mayor’s in Coral Gables, Fla., confirmed its expansion plans but would not comment on the budget. Competitive Media Reporting tracked Mayor’s ad spending at only $1 million in 1996.
“We think [Tinsley is] very talented and organized, and they seem like the partner we need,” said Eleonora Parkinson, marketing vice president at Mayor’s, which split with Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Harris Drury Cohen in June.
Tinsley’s spec concepts–including print, radio and rough-cut TV spots–“zeroed in” on the assignment of marketing to first-time engagement ring buyers, said agency president Sandy Tinsley.
Juxtaposing the relative simplicity of purchasing a diamond with the demanding pre-proposal rituals of some cultures, one Tinsley spot shows a Mandingo warrior in full face paint on a six-mile desert run, per local custom, the voiceover explains. Finally the warrior turns to the camera and says, in a Bronx accent, “And you’re sweatin’ a simple diamond purchase?”
“[Mayor’s] has an identity but no personality and we are going to give them one,” Tinsley said.