Time Tells Smash: Tout Teen Mag’s Summer Edition

BOSTON-Smash Advertising, which has built a niche promoting broadcast and cable TV clients, is using pop singer Monica in a national radio ad touting the June/July edition of Teen People.
The Time Inc. magazine works with various creative resources such as Boston-based Smash on projects and is counting on the shop to drum up newsstand sales for its upcoming “21 Hottest Stars Under 21” issue.
Smash got its first Time assignment based on a prior relationship with Teen People associate publisher Jesse Jackson, who had worked with the shop while at VH-1, said Smash official Linda Button.
In the 60-second spot, which just hit the airwaves, Monica-who is one of the stars profiled in the issue-sings an a cappella version of her hit “Angel of Mine.”
-David Gianatasi