Tierney Gets Its Goat

It may have been the first time an agency used goats to sell an instant lottery game – in a pizzeria, no less.
Shot in Norristown, Pa., Tierney & Partners’ 30-second spot for the Pennsylvania Lottery (shown here) begins with a close-up of dough in the air and shifts to two guys in a booth. One has a lottery ticket in his hand and says, “Look, I have the new $1,000-a-Week-for-Life game. I can’t wait to win.”
Suddenly, a herd of goats enters the restaurant, followed by a handler in white cloth. The goats bray, the man brays, but the guy in the booth remains fixated on his ticket. His friend, on the other hand, can’t believe his eyes. “What are the odds of that happening?” he says.
“Much better – see there are more top prize-winners,” replies the ticket holder, trapped in his original thought.
The crew for the shoot included creative chief Rich Russo and four handlers who tended the goats. “They’re actually fairly easy to work with,” said producer Sal DelGiudice of Travisano DiGiacomo Films in New York. He was referring to the goats, of course. – Andrew McMains