Ticked off

A direct-mail initiative for Immunetics uses attention-grabbing imagery to stress the accuracy, speed and affordability of the company’s new Lyme disease test.

Three postcards, via Magic Hour Communications in Watertown, Mass., are being distributed to laboratories in the states where the disease is most prevalent. Each features a rendering of the disease-carrying deer tick, along with a list of the Lyme disease test’s advantages.

“[The tick] is very much identified as being the one carrier of the disease,” said Louis Gudema, president of 10-person Magic Hour. “It’s a distinct image we thought a lot of people in the field would recognize.”

The first postcard touts the test as the most accurate of its type, with a low rate of false positives and negatives than other tests. The second promotes it as the fastest, with quicker reporting of patient results. The final card pushes the test as the most economical, as it eliminates the need for additional testing. Labs receive the cards a few days apart.

Magic Hour also created a microsite, brochure and product launch package for the Cambridge, Mass., client.