T.G. Madison Is Cover-Up Winner

Following a three-way, Atlanta-only review, T.G. Madison was awarded agency of record status for Kimberly-Clark’s nonwoven protective fabrics division. The fabrics are used primarily in car covers as well as in medical and industrial products.
Billings are estimated well in excess of $1 million, sources said. The other two shops in the finals were not disclosed.
“The agency will focus on our car cover business,” said client market manager Alison Bates in a statement. “We’re No. 1 in this business segment and intend to grow it aggressively. We selected [the shop] because they have the right balance between the strategic and creative process. They know how to build a brand and understand the opportunity we have to change the industry.”
The account had formerly been with Kocs, Wesson & Associates in Milwaukee. Client officials put the business in play, in part, to find a shop closer to their headquarters, north of Atlanta in Roswell, Ga.
According to agency president Lauren Genkinger, T.G. Madison was one of six shops initially contacted for a basic credentials presentation. That list was trimmed to three finalists, each of which was given a strategic assignment.
The agency will begin client meetings immediately, but its first major campaign will not be released until March 1999. Part of that period will be spent looking at the client’s branding. Presently, K-C markets its covers under five different brands. Genkinger said those lines might be consolidated under one name.
The thrust of the agency’s campaign will be twofold: trade advertising directed toward the automotive aftermarket and work targeting consumers, specifically car enthusiasts.
“There’s a lot of opportunity for us to grow this business,” Genkinger said. “The market is far from saturated.”