Texas Teens See Drunkcam TV

DALLAS-A statewide, pro bono television campaign to discourage teenage drinking has been launched, looking at the possible tragedies of overindulgence from a close-up point of view.
The 30-second public service announcement, created by Austin, Texas agencies Sherry Mat-thews Advertising & Public Relations and Bommarito.Buck, was shot with a hand-held video camera seemingly by a party reveler who focuses in on a friend passed out on a couch.
While those around him mock their buddy’s inebriation and incapacity, one friend tries to wake him only to find “Chris” is not moving or breathing.
“If you’re under 21 and in possession of alcohol, you can be fined $500, lose your license and go to jail,” a voiceover states. “There are a few other downsides too.”
The spot is aimed clearly at teen audiences. Produced under the auspices of the Texas Department of Transportation (TDT) and the Partnership for a Drug-Free Texas, the ad has already been sponsored for placement on the Channel One network beamed into secondary schools across the state. TDT officials expect the message to reach more than 1 million Texas teenagers in the next few weeks. Partnership officials have included the ad in a PSA reel distributed to all Texas media markets.
The campaign will also include radio and print, which will be developed by the agencies.