Texas Brags About Businesss Climate to CEOs

DALLAS Texas has launched a direct mail and billboard advertising campaign to lure job-creating companies to the state.

The mailer features a recent edition of Site Selection magazine, which cited Texas’ business climate as the best in the nation. It was sent to 3,500 corporate chief executives around the nation, according to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who launched the campaign.

In a deal with San Antonio-based Clear Channel Communications, Texas will buy billboard space in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Calif., New York, Miami and Washington, D.C., a governor’s representative said.

A nonprofit corporation created by the state called TexasOne, the rep said, will fund the effort. The value of the campaign has not been determined, he said.

“The world’s best companies are moving to Texas for the weather” is the outdoor message. Billboards then state that Texas was recognized as having the best business climate in the nation by Site Selection.

“But there is more to Texas’ business climate than [Texas Enterprise Fund] money. Corporate America has taken note of the state’s recent passage of a constitutional amendment mandating tort reform,” the magazine said. “By one estimate, the state’s lawsuit reform measures will lead to the creation of more than 240,000 permanent jobs and add $36 billion to the Texas economy.”

The magazine noted that Texas “is also investing heavily in education despite a recent $10 billion budget shortfall which has been eradicated without raising taxes.”

Last year, Texas attracted nine of the 20 largest capital investments in the nation, including a new Toyota plant in San Antonio and a $3 billion expansion by Texas Instruments, Perry said.

The state legislature provided Perry with a $295 million Texas Enterprise Fund last year to help lure job-creating projects to the state. So far Texas has committed $181 million from the fund for projects that will create more than 14,000 new jobs, according to the governor.