Testing, Testing

Three former Procter & Gamble managers have created an advertising game to market such brands as Tide, Pure and Iams.

Adternity, an online marketing agency established last year, debuted Adgames several weeks ago as another means for companies to advertise in cyberspace.

“We found banner ads are just not as an effective Internet marketing tool that people once believed,” said Jay Woffington, CEO of the Cincinnati company and former brand manager at P&G. “This is more of an engaging approach to advertising,” he said.

Adgames reaches Internet game players through three game sites. Players are asked demographic questions before the game starts. Brands that are then used in the game are based on the players’ answers. For example, if the player said he was a pet owner, one of the games will feature Iams pet products.

The game is based on a player’s knowledge of advertising of a particular brand and in some instances quizzed on commercials, taglines and jingles.

The clients who have games created for their brands are charged based on performance. The clients also receive data on the players and can then direct market.