Team One Will Move Into Ritz in D.C.

NEW YORK Team One Advertising will establish a satellite office at the Ritz-Carlton’s Washington, D.C., headquarters after winning the hotelier’s estimated $10-15 million account, the client confirmed.

Three full-time account service employees will start at the Washington office. Though it has not been determined how soon that outpost will be up and running, the client has scheduled strategy meetings with Team One for next week, said Bruce Himelstein, senior vice president of sales and marketing. The agency also has satellite offices in New York, Chicago and Atlanta, in addition to its headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif.

“The brand itself has really started to move further ahead, not only in design but as a lifestyle,” Himelstein said. “We’ve had enough third-party endorsements … that people perceive Ritz as a lifestyle. It’s one of the iconic brands of the world.”

Himelstein added that while Ritz-Carlton properties once conformed to a classic layout, newer installations, like the hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., have broken with tradition and employed different designs, giving each location a distinct personality. Himelstein said Team One would work to tie those identities together.

The assignment concludes a four-month review, which followed the Marriott International chain’s split with Sawyer Riley Compton in Atlanta. WPP Group’s Young & Rubicam in Irvine, Calif., was also in contention.