TCBY Challenges America to Lose Weight

ATLANTA Stone Ward this week launched a campaign that introduces a new low-carbohydrate frozen yogurt from The Country’s Best Yogurt and invites customers to participate in a Million Pound Challenge promotion.

The Little Rock, Ark., agency said it has developed print and interactive ads for the Salt Lake City-based client that urge customers across the country to shed one million pounds collectively. The shop also has created a dedicated Web site that enables participants to log on and enter their weight once a week. Each time an entrant logs on to the site at he or she receives a TCBY Million Pound Challenge coupon, according to the client.

Paul Kershisnik, director of marketing at TCBY, said that the goal of “The taste that’s reshaping the nation” campaign is to promote the company’s new low-carb offering while encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

“TCBY has continuously offered a line of frozen treats fitting a variety of lifestyle needs, from fat-free to non-dairy products,” added Kershisnik. “With an estimated one in four Americans watching their carbohydrate intake, we wanted to create a product that offered less carbs, but provided the same great taste. And the Million Pound Challenge is a perfect extension of that.”

The 12-week campaign launched with a full-page color ad in USA Today. Additional ads featuring some of the country’s most notable landmarks, such as the White House, the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon, are scheduled to run in upcoming issues of Low Carb Living, online at and via Yahoo, the client said.

A counter on the TCBY Web site will keep track of registered participants and their weight-loss progress. The counter also will be updated and featured in the ads to reflect the amount of weight participants are losing throughout the campaign, the shop added.

Campaign spending was not disclosed. TCBY spent $2 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

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