Tax And Spend

The federal government is approaching the end of its fiscal year, which means that any department with money to spare had better use it or lose it in next year’s appropriations.
Enter Euro RSCG DSW Partners with a campaign that hopes to ensure a hefty chunk of taxpayer money is spent on products from its client, Minolta Peripheral Products.
Radio spots, posters throughout D.C.’s Metro subway system and ads in government publications will target procurement bureaucrats with humorous messages for Minolta, such as: “The preferred printer of NASA rocket scientists. ‘Cause they can’t fix a paper jam either.” Another notes that “The Dept. of the Treasury prints money. The Dept. of the Treasury uses Minolta printers. Hmmm.”
Minolta already has government contracts with the U.S. Army, NASA and the Treasury Department. The campaign will run through August and September.
–Angela Dawson